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Emma & Vincent: Mind

How often does someone ask you 'how're you going?" and you respond with the b-word? 


Articles pop all over the place about how busy is not something to be striving for. And, honestly, I shake my head at every single one. Who the hell actually WANTS to be busy? Not me! Becoming busy is something that seems to happen to us. To the goal-setting, ambitious go-getters who want to make something special happen and maximise their growth as a person. I mean, there's only so many hours in a day, of course we're going to end up being busy. 

But, here's the thing:

Being busy doesn't have to be a drag. It doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't even have to be a bad thing. 

How is that possible? Being organised. 

This is my starting point for growing the Emma & Vincent: Mind brand. 

We want you to achieve your goals.
Why? Because I've been able to achieve almost all of mine with the right systems and tools in place. And it's these systems and tools that I share with you right here. In the Mind Collection, we've got everything you need to map out your path and achieve your wildest dreams (Ok, wildest dreams sounds a little corny but getting a PhD was once a 'wildest dream' for me and I bloody well got there).

The first and most crucial piece of advice?

Ground-breaking! And yet, not so much. 

It's so easy now to make a note on our phone, leave ourselves a voice memo, or even just fire off a quick email. But turning all these little reminders into actionable steps that lead us towards our goals? Much harder. Not to mention, it's so bloody easy to forget that note you typed while sitting in an Uber ride three days ago. Have one place and write EVERYTHING in there. For me? That's a planner. 
I personally design every single planner we sell here in this little digital shopfront. And, let me tell you, as a full-time music teacher, professional performing classical musician, and semi-fit person jumping from gym challenge to gym challenge, I was so. freakin'. busy. What I was able to produce, though, was some of the most inspired, well thought out, and practical planner designs to hit the market. (Yes, I struggled to type that because I HATE talking myself up but this is the feedback we got so....). 

So what makes an Emma & Vincent Planner different?

1. Practical AF
No weird pages listing public holidays in a country that you don't live in. No blank pages or excessive boxes and formatting. Room to map out your time and tasks and prompts to keep you accountable. Simple formatting that works.

2. A style to suit everyone
Internally? We've got a variety of designs including both horizontal and vertical layouts; dated and undated formats. Externally? You can get a wide variety of cover designs from the bright and funky prints to the elegant and stylish black hard-covers.

3. Tried & tested
These planner designs have been tried and tested by me personally. They'll help you set large, mid-, and small sized goals and help you be accountable every single day to get them done.