Hi! I'm Emma

Emma and Percy

I’m the engine behind Emma & Vincent. Well, actually, I’m the founder, writer, designer, photographer, musician, academic, educator, and resident chocoholic. Who's Vincent, you ask? Well he's actually my grandfather; he bore a significant influence in my life and, after overcoming huge challenges in WWII, immigrated to Australia, met my grandmother and instilled my family with a solid work ethic and community-minded attitude. 

So why is my business named after the two of us? Because the initial idea for this business started with my grandfather and it's direction comes from my background in the music industry. 

Vincent's story, well, he was born in Fossa, Italy right back towards the start of the  20th Century! He immigrated to Australia after WWII and (after a few plans went awry) set up a business importing religious goods into the country. He was a hard-working and kind man who wanted only to help others in a simple life. He left an enormous imprint on our family during his lifetime including a strong focus on helping others. He volunteered regularly, took part in community organisations, and was even honoured as a Cavaliere (Italian knighthood equivalent) for his work helping others in the community. He believed that we all have out own gifts and are able to contribute in our own unique ways. 

And my story?

For a long time, I’ve noticed a trend in my musician colleagues to be struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, confidence issues, and huge workloads but weren’t talking about or acknowledging their challenges. And I certainly felt this way too but never knew how to communicate effectively about what I was going through. We all had big dreams with big goals but how could we achieve them if we weren’t looking after ourselves? And more so, how do we even go about pursuing our goals if we have to put on a brave face all the time?

More recently, I noticed a lot of my students opening up about similar issues. Finding their confidence, finding their voice, and opening themselves up to strength through vulnerability have all been challenges facing young people that have come up in music lessons. (What is it about music teachers that encourages students to share with us? I know I shared and depended on my music teachers a LOT back in school). So what to do?

Well, I founded Emma & Vincent.

The goal of E&V is to empower young people (and especially young women like myself) to grow into their best selves through fun and functional products, online resources, and practical, hands-on workshops. It is an online hub for anyone interested in goal-setting/organisation, body/mind balance, confidence building, fashion, fitness, and plant-based lifestyles. It also embodies the values instilled in me from my family, particularly my grandfather Vincent (or Vincenzo, in Italian), such as hard work, building for the future, and serving your community. 

I’m a classical musician, an academic, an educator… starting a business was never something I imagined I’d be doing but here I am. Putting myself, my knowledge, and my product range out into the world to help as many young people grow into more confident, more resilient, more creative, and more organised versions of themselves. Want to know more about the Emma & Vincent brand? Well just keep exploring this website!

A few quick facts about me?

  • I’m an internationally recognised classical musician – saxophone is my instrument
  • I’m not a naturally athletic person but I’ve found my jam in weight training
  • I have a PhD in Musicology
  • I’m turning 30 soon and am working my way through a “30 things to do before 30” list – you can read more about this in the blog!
  • I love crossword puzzles
  • I’ve been teaching music since I was a teenager and being an educator has taught me so much
  • I will always choose a good plate of pasta over dessert