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Emma & Vincent is a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping young people achieve their goals and assist as they grow into the best version of themselves. Founded by me, Emma Di Marco, and inspired by the life lessons taught by my grandfather, Vincent, we are here to support, to teach, and to provide a range of planning and organisational products. We are 100% Australian owned and made. Our Planner Lite range is printed and bound by Emma, herself, and our Premium Range is manufactured in Victoria, Australia. Buying from Emma & Vincent means supporting a female-led, independent small Australian business and we can't thank you enough for your support. 

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Set Goals . Organise . Achieve


One thing Emma has always been known for is organisation - girl can get things done! And as the head of a successful Imports company while focussing on community work, Vincent always embodied and demonstrated the qualities of planning, organisation, and management for our whole family. So it makes perfect sense that the centrepiece of Emma & Vincent is an entire product range dedicated to helping people set themselves big goals, plan their day-to-day lives, and achieve their dreams. Whether it's a simple and functional dated diary or a more structured goal-setting planner, we have a planner that will speak to everyone.

Confidence. Style . Fitness


Talking anything body-related can be a minefield in this day and age. At Emma & Vincent, everything body-related comes down to one word: CONFIDENCE. Style, Fashion, & Clothing should all contribute to your own sense of confidence; that invisible something that helps you strut into any room and take charge. And, because I believe in a holistic approach to looking after yourself, Emma & Vincent Body unpacks the latest fitness trends and how they contribute to a balanced lifestyle.

vegan . veggie . meat-free Mondays

Plant-Based Living

Emma & Vincent is dedicated to helping people transition into a Plant-Based Lifestyle. Whether that's a fully fledged vegan diet or just exploring ways to reduce your consumption of meat. We offer recipes, reviews, & product discounts all through our PBL Digital Subscription. The fact is, not many omnivores actually know much about plant-based diets or how to transition to a new diet whilst maintaining a healthy balance of macro and micro nutrients. Here at Emma & Vincent, we want to change that. Our diet is no longer just a way of eating - it's an environmental statement - so let us help you make some absolutely delicious new food choices.


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