CHOOSING A PLANNER EP 1.: Horizontal vs. Vertical

CHOOSING A PLANNER EP 1.: Horizontal vs. Vertical

Today on the blog, I'm answering one of the biggest questions I get about my beautiful new Premium Planners and it all has to do with whether you schedule time or activities. What is this big FAQ?


How do I choose between a horizontal or vertical spread?

Not sure how to answer that? Well, here's a quick quiz... 

Do you have a million appointments in a day? Do you have to remember what time you need to get places? Yes? Then you are scheduling your time.

OR, do you have 3 to do lists on the go? Do you have to keep track of everything that needs to be done at work and at home? Do you want to build a new habit? Then you are scheduling your activities.

To give you a little preview into our Planners. Here is a quick-pic of a horizontal-spread week in the Emma & Vincent Everyday Planner:

Weekly view of the Emma & Vincent Everyday Planner

This lil' baby is perfect for people who have to schedule their time efficiently. You can quickly list out the timings of your day, in order. 


Got a whole heap of activities to jot down? Then you need a vertical spread like our Action Planner, pictured here -

Emma & Vincent Action Planner

This layout is incredibly conducive to getting sh*t done! You track your tasks far easier and we've even included a daily tracker which will help you develop more positive habits. 


So, that's it. Simples! Which one will you choose?

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