Event Review - The Business Chicks '9 to Thrive Summit' in Melbourne, 2019.

Event Review - The Business Chicks '9 to Thrive Summit' in Melbourne, 2019.

Weird squinty eyes aside, this photo was taken on what was one of THE BEST days of 2019. In November of last year, I spent the day at  the 9 to Thrive Summit run by the fantastic organisation Business Chicks in Melbourne and learnt a HELL of a lot about being a business owner, having a vision for your life, growing, and communicating more effectively (just to sum it all up in a few tiny bits). 

I had a few realisations that day. The first big one was that whilst an adult-sized ball pit is a helluva lot of fun, it is really hard to pose for a cute photo.

Second realisation? That whilst I'm currently entering my 30's and want to enjoy this time and where I'm currently at, when I enter my 40's I want to be the one running the place. The big boss. That gives me (just) 10 years to learn, grow, and build my vision. It seems like such a long time but I have a feeling it's going to go by in a flash.

I recently posted on Instagram that I need your best advice for life in 30's. So, if you've got some gems, then put it in a comment below. I'm going to be collating all the advice and making a special "What to do once you turn 30" book in time for my birthday later this year.


As for the Summit? Here are some of the best quotes of the day that I've been cherishing since:


"I wanted to learn the best way I knew how, I jumped in at the deep end" Lisa Wilkinson


"How can you be productive at your job if you’re slowly breaking down" Megan Gale


"Don’t hold yourself back by not asking for assistance" Ita Buttrose


"Hope is not a strategy" Emma Isaacs


"If you see something not right, you need to call it out. Don’t put up with it." Susan Alberti


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