More and more of us are opening up to the benefits of a Plant-Based diet. Hell, even Macca's just released the McVeggie Burger! What a triumph! There is an increasing body of scientific evidence that supports how we can move away from meat products to sustain us. Not to mention, there are HUGE environmental impacts on in the meat production industry. Every small choice, by every person, on a daily basis adds up into an incredible ripple effect. So what changes could you be pondering? 

If you're a regular meat-eater, consider Meat-Free Mondays. 
If you're a vegetarian, try cutting down on your dairy
And if you're a vegan, keep making conscious and ethical choices with many more delicious new recipes that you discover



Here at Emma & Vincent we want to inspire people to make choices more in line with a Plant-Based lifestyle so our 2020 mission is to empower you with new recipes, blog posts, and our newly-launched PBL Facebook group which shares recipes, advice, and discounts. 
So if you're thinking vegan food is just a bunch of boring salads, stay tuned and be ready for the plant-based revolution! 

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