How to Find Ethical Fashion

How to Find Ethical Fashion

The older I get, the more I realise the power we each have as consumers. What we choose to buy, where we choose to shop, and what we endorse to our family and friends plays a much larger role in shaping the world around us than we realise. It's something that can be easily taken for granted as we go about our day to day lives, in our routines, shopping at the same stores time and time again. The Fast Fashion movement is a lot of fun and has opened up different avenues for people to explore their style and express themselves but in order to keep prices so low, something has to give. In most cases, the manufacturing process is where that give is made and is seen in low employee wages and poor working conditions. By looking to shop with more ethical brands, we can support businesses making better choices as well as receiving better quality products.

(Side note - nothing I'm saying here is totally new or ground-breaking, but it is a point that we can often ignore/overlook. I know, myself, I've gravitated towards a bargain without thinking about how they possibly could've manufactured that item at that low price point. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to explore how your clothing is made a little more and together we can start making a difference)

And so, here are my top sites for finding ethical fashion -


  1. Good On You

Link here:

Good On You is probably one of the most well known sites for sourcing ethical fashion. Their website has extensive listings and reviews of different brands and offers a score to help you make an informed decision. They even work to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is a great place to start in your ethical fashion journey.


2. Ethical Fashion Guide - Baptist World Aid Australia

Link here:

This is probably my favourite and most used source for ethical fashion information. It's collated information for a huge range of brands and given them a 'school report card' style score (A+, A, B+, etc). If you click through to the link above you can easily just type in the name of the brand to immediately see their score. It makes it quick and simple to see their score, to understand their practices, and to even share these scores to your socials in order to inspire some positive change (or congratulate brands that are doing fantastic).


3. Ethical Clothing Australia

Link here:

Looking to produce some clothing yourself? This link to Ethical Clothing Australia's website will give you direct access to both ethical fashion brands and ethical clothing manufacturers. Simple and easy to access this is a perfect resource for us Aussies.


So now that you're empowered with information, where are you going to shop?

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Emma x

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